US National Team Training Center/Elite Athlete Development

Athletes will train for competition at National Selection Regattas, US Elite Nationals, US National Team Trials, and selected other regattas in preparation for ultimate international competition at the World Rowing Championships and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

CRI offers:

  • No program fees for athletes.  Coaching, boat storage, and indoor training all provided at no cost for HPG athletes
  • Guidance from a team of experienced coaches with a strong track record of winning medals in international comptition
  • State-of-the-art indoor training facilities, including an air-conditioned weight room, sliders, dynamic ergs, and altitude training equipment
  • Full fleet of elite racing shells for open and para athletes. 
  • Stroke analysis instrumentation
  • Employment: Community Rowing has several coaching positions available year round that are ideal for US Senior Team candidates. Athletes may also work in administrative roles at CRI on a part-time or hourly basis.

Selection for US Trials

Selection for entries to US Senior Team Trials and any other events will begin as early as possible. Athletes competing for lightweight entries must weigh in at or below the FISA maximum +0.5 kg daily for results to count. Para athletes must have a US Sport Classification of LTA-PD, LTA-VI, TA, or AS.  Athletes will be evaluated on the water using seat races, Peach, Empower, and other data-based methods for evaluating boat speed. Athletes will always be selected on the best data available.

If you have questions, please contact: 

Ellen Minzner
Director of Outreach
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Wayne Berger
High Performance Group
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