Youth Learn to Row - Spring/Fall

Youth Learn to Row Sweeps and Youth Learn to Scull are offered spring, summer and fall. They are introductory, coed, non-competitive programs offering youth aged 12 to 18 a chance to try the sport of rowing. Participants are introduced to the basics of the sport in a fun, engaging, safe environment. After Learn to Row Sweeps or Learn to Scull, rowers may progress to Crew League (spring/fall) or Skills Development (summer).

Spring and Fall Learn to Sweep and Learn to Scull sessions are offered during the week after-school and on weekends.

All participants are required to have a valid Swim Test on file  Download the Swim Test Form

Rowers who would like to continue rowing during the summer, and have completed learn to sweep or scull, are eligible to sign up for our Summer Skills Development Clinics, in which they continue to build on rowing technique, boat skills, safety rules of the river, and fitness.

Information for Boston Public School Students

CRI youth programs are offered free of charge to students enrolled in Boston Public Schools. When registering, please use the "apply for financial aid" button to apply this discount to your program.

Bus to CRI

CRI provides a bus from Ruggles T station to the boathouse, which is free of charge for athletes enrolled in a CRI program. The bus is operated by First Student and picks up at 200 Forsyth St (Northeastern side of Ruggles T stop).

For spring 2022, the bus schedule is as follows:

Depart Ruggles 2:20pm, arrive CRI ~2:50pm
Depart Ruggles 3:15pm, arrive CRI ~3:45pm
Depart CRI 6pm, arrive Ruggles ~6:30pm

Depart Ruggles 10:30am, arrive CRI ~11:00am
Depart Ruggles 11:30am, arrive CRI ~12:00pm
Depart CRI 1:15pm, arrive Ruggles ~1:45pm
Depart CRI 2:15pm, arrive Ruggles ~2:45pm

Depart Ruggles 11:30am, arrive CRI ~12:00pm
Depart CRI 2:15pm, arrive Ruggles ~2:45pm

**If a scheduled bus does not arrive, please call Katie Toth (401-391-7565) or Alex Lynn (802-353-3179) who will contact the bus company.

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CRI programs are offered year round.  If you don't see a program listed, it may be seasonal.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information

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