Competitive Youth

CRI Youth Competitive Rowing sets an unparalleled standard for personal and physical development. Rowers learn the art of rowing while developing life-long skills of accountability,  leadership and teamwork.

Youth Competitive Novice Rowing

All rowers wtih no competitive racing experience begin with the Novice Competitive Program. The Novice team prepares athletes for the Varsity Competitive Program the following year. Novice athletes train as a group five to six days per week, working toward individual and team goals throughout the year. They build on the skills developed in Learn to Row and Crew League and gain racing experience at fall and spring regattas. Athletes interested in becoming coxswains, who steer the boat and learn to motivate the rowers, are also encouraged to sign up. The Novice program runs in the fall and spring, with an opportunity to train with the Varsity during the winter.
Prerequisite: None

Youth Competitive Varsity Rowing

Our nationally ranked and award-winning Competitive Varsity team is an ideal fit for athletes who have completed the Novice Rowing program and are dedicated to improving their rowing skills and competing at a high level. Rowers will challenge themselves physically and mentally within a strong team environment. Rowers practice six times per week and attend several weekend regattas each season.
Prerequisite: Youth Competitive Novice

Information for Parents of Competitive Youth Athletes:

The link below directs parents to the CRI Parent Handbook. This is a “living document” managed by our parent volunteers to provide parents of Novice and Varsity athletes information and forms. This handbook was created to help inform our parent community and create better communication and opportunities for CRI parents to connect.
  Parent Meeting Dates:  All Parent meetings begin at 6:45. 

Varsity Boys: March 12, 6:45pm

Varsity Girls: March 13, 6:45pm

Novice Boys: March 21, 6:45pm

Novice Girls: March 26, 6:45pm

Competitive Youth 2018-2019 Winter Practice Schedule:
 Competitive Youth 2019 Spring Race Schedule and Notable Dates:
Date Event Squad
Feb 9 ACT Test Day*  
Feb 16-23 Florida Winter Training Trip Girls
Feb 16-24 Clemson Winter Training Trip Boys
Feb 26-March 2 Varsity Boys Spring Tryouts VB
March 5 Varsity Boys First "Spring" Practice VB
March 9 SAT Test Day*  
March 11-16 Varsity Girls Spring Tryouts VG
March 12 Varsity Boys Parent Info Meeting, 6:45pm VB
March 13 Varsity Girls Parent Info Meeting, 6:45pm VG
March 18 Varsity Girls First Spring Practice VG
March 18-20 Novice Team Tryouts NG, NB
March 21 Novice Boys Parent Info Meeting, 6:45pm NB
March 21 Novice Girls First Spring Practice NG
March 21 Novice Boys First Spring Practice NB
March 26 Novice Girls Parent Info Meeting, 6:45pm NG
April 6 CRI vs. Greenwich vs. St. Joe's Prep vs. RA Rye vs. BC High vs. Saratoga @CRI VB
April 13 CRI vs. Connecticut Boat Club @ Connecticut VG
April 13 ACT Test Day*  
April 27-28 Saratoga Invitational @ Saratoga, NY VB, NB, VG, NG
May 4 SAT Test Day*  
May 5 CRI vs. Greenwich vs. Salisbury @Salisbury, CT VB
May 5 CRI vs. Greenwich @Salisbury, CT VG
May 11-12 Lowell Invitational @Lowell, MA NG
May 18-19 USRowing Northeast Regionals @Lowell, MA VB, NB, VG, NG
June 1 SAT Test Day*  
June 1-2 USRowing U17 National Championship- Invite Only @Camden, NJ  
June 6-9 USRowing Youth National Championship- Qualifying Crews Only @Sarasota, FL VB, VG
June 8 ACT Test Day  
* Informational only; tests not administered at CRI
** Date approximation
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