Development Program - Summer

The CRI Summer Development Program aims to prepare high-school aged athletes (rising freshmen and above) for varsity tryouts and more competitive rowing endeavors.

 2022 Summer Program Description

The focus of the program is to improve technical foundation, aerobic fitness, stability and flexibility.  Additional off-water workouts will be prescribed by coaches for athletes to complete on their own outside of practice times.

At the conclusion of the Summer Development Team the athlete will:

  • Be better prepared for his/her own team’s varsity rowing team tryouts
  • Demonstrate improved performances in technique, fitness, and stability
  • Articulate greater understanding of rowing concepts and specifics of more effective rowing and athleticism
  • Recognize & acknowledge his/her greatest strengths and weaknesses

This program is for rising high school aged athletes, who have completed at least one season of competitive rowing.

Intermediate and recreational rowers may be allowed in the program, at the discretion of the program Head Coach. In these cases, please fill out the program application below, or contact the Head Coach prior to registration, to discuss the athlete’s eligibility.

Candidates without competitive team experience, or who are younger than the minimum age described above are encouraged to enroll in CRI’s Summer Skills camps.

2022 Program Schedule

Each session of the Development Program will run for 4 weeks, with one session running at the beginning of the summer, and the second running in the late summer in the lead-up to fall. In both sessions, athletes will practice on the water 5 days per week, with two practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Afternoon practices will be 2.5 hours, and the two morning practices will be 2 hours.

Coaches will also prescribe additional workouts to be completed by athletes outside of practice, away from the boathouse. The content of these workouts will account for equipment that athletes may or may not already have at home, in order to ensure they are completable by all.

In order to ensure the best experience for all, coaches will place athletes into different sessions based on previously observed skill and abilities, and using as much information as is available to make this determination. If the coaches later see that the experience could be improved for an athlete by moving them into a different group, they may ask the athlete to transfer to a group that is a better fit for their current skill and abilities.

Session 1: June 20-July 16
--Break: 1 week
Session 2: July 25-Aug 20

$1500/4-week session

T/Th 11-1

M-F 4-6:30pm



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Financial Aid Information:

      • Financial assistance is supported by gifts to the CRI annual fund
      • It will only be awarded when a rower has been accepted, admitted and is then sent a registration email by CRI.  
      • Requests for financial assistance are not a determining factor for any athlete’s registration by CRI.   

Key CRI Staff Supporting the CYS Program

CRI teams are supported additionally by members of the admin staff. The staff members below can help with the listed areas of question: for all other questions, please reach out to the head coach of your program.

Tara Coleran - Controller (Accounts)

Dues / payments

Nonna Giunta - Director of Programming

Registration questions and process

Coaching Staff

Athlete Code of Conduct