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As a graduate of the IRL, you will emerge with more than just an accredited certification. Importantly, you will become part of a tight-knit network of IRL alumni, as well as make hundreds of personal relationships developed while at CRI. These connections will provide you with a lifetime of inspiration, access, and assistance as you take your place as a leader in the sport.

As of January 2022, IRL alumni are working in full-time positions at all levels across the rowing landscape including:

  • Clemson University - Women’s Assistant Coach
  • Colorado Crew - Head Coach
  • Community Rowing, Inc. – Director of Coaching Edcuation, Assistant Director of Inclusion; Varsity Boys Coach; Manager of Customer Service and Volunteering; and more
  • Harvard University – Heavyweight Men’s Assistant Coach
  • Head of the Charles – Director of Operations
  • Indiana University – Women’s Assistant Coach
  • Lake Sunapee Rowing Club - Co-Founder, Coach
  • Manchester Rowing Alliance – Head Coach
  • Navy - Women’s Assistant Coach
  • North Carolina Rowing Center - Co-Founders and Head Coach
  • Oxford Brookes University, UK - Women’s Chief Coach
  • Philadelphia City Rowing - Executive Director
  • Pocock Rowing Center - Junior Men’s Head Coach
  • Potomac Boat Club - High Performance Head Coach
  • Princeton University - Men’s Assistant Coach
  • Shrewsbury High School - Director of Rowing and Head Coach
  • Tufts University – Men’s Head and Assistant Coach, Women’s Assistant Coach
  • University of Connecticut - Men’s Head Coach
  • University of Michigan – Women’s Assistant Coach
  • University of Tennessee - Women’s Assistant Coach
  • University of Texas - Women’s Equipment and Facilities manager
  • University of Washington – Women’s Assistant Coach 

Class of 2023 Graduates

DSC 0146

Graduates: Xavier Mulligan, Anthony Delgreco, Chelsea Foster, Richie Nary, Meg Combs, Ethan Maines, and Colin Lee (left to right, top to bottom)

Class of 2020 Graduates

IRL3 class 2020 web

Our 2020 class of graduates are working (and training!) in all levels of rowing. Post graduation the 2020 Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Community Rowing, Inc.
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • The College of the Holy Cross
  • Springfield College
  • Dexter-Southfield School
  • Head of the Charles

 Graduates: Alex Lynn, Kirsten Girard, Ben MacDougald, Aisyah Rafa'ee and John O'Neill, Dan Beckham (left to right, top to bottom)

Class of 2019 Graduates

IRLFellows2019 2

Our 2019 class of graduates are working (and training!) in all levels of rowing. Post graduation the 2019 Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Tufts University Men's Rowing
  • Community Rowing, Inc.
  • University of Colorado Men's Rowing
  • Greater Lawrence Rowing
  • Cornell University Men's Rowing
  • Wellesley College
  • Community Rowing, Inc.

Graduates: Tom Siddall, Emily Dwyer, Roman Sammartino, Mitch McManus, Kevin McCarthy, Sydney Dollmeyer*, Galen Bernick

Class of 2018 Graduates

DSC 0057

The Class of 2018 Graduates are deeply invested in coaching competitively as well as working to develop rowing in new contexts. Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Simmons College
  • Colby College
  • Michigan State University
  • North Carolina Rowing Center
  • Texas Rowing Center
  • Club de Regatas "Lima" Peru
  • Community Rowing Inc.
  • North Carolina Rowing Center

Graduates: Annalise Routenberg, Ben Urbanowski, Mackenzie Whiteside, Katie Gerow Jones, Emilie Johnston, Diego Mejia, Rachel Purington, Scott Jones

Class of 2017 Graduates

ResizedImage600299 Class of 2017 IRL Fellows 2

Our 2017 class of graduates are working (and training!) in all level of competitiveness in rowing, both domestically and abroad. Post graduation the 2017 Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Bermuda Rowing Club (Bermuda)
  • Community Rowing, Inc.
  • Community Rowing, Inc. - Drive Rowing Studio
  • Harvard University Women and Community Rowing, Inc.
  • Head of the Charles
  • Kai Tak Youth Rowing Club (Hong Kong)
  • Phillips Andover Academy
  • Saratoga Rowing Association Junior Program
  • Saratoga Rowing Association Arion Elite Program
  • University of Connecticut Men & New York Athletic Club

Graduates: Vicky Babson, Sam Casto, Logan Jester, Joe Lake, Priscilla Livingston, Katie Muench, Marysa Semprebon, Bob Sheetz, Stephanie Weiner, Zhaungchen Zhou

Class of 2016 Graduates

IRL Class of 2016 Graduates 2

The Class of 2016 Graduates are deeply invested in coaching competitively as well as working to develop rowing in new contexts as well. Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Brunswick School
  • lululemon athletica
  • Princeton University Men
  • Row Boston at Community Rowing, Inc.
  • South Eugene Rowing Club
  • University of Tennessee Women
  • Yale University Men

Graduates: Peter Costas, Siri DeMarche, Joe Gartland, Will Juckett, Spencer Kales, Gilder Keeler, Jovia Manzie

Class of 2015 Graduates

ResizedImage600345 Class of 2015 IRL Fellows

The Class of 2015 has a number of collegiate coaches as well as an IRL alum that competed at the 2017 World Championships in Sarasota. Post graduation the 2015 Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Indiana University Women
  • Row Boston at Community Rowing, Inc.
  • Schuylkill Navy
  • Tufts University Men
  • Tufts University Women
  • University of London Senior Squad (United Kingdom)
  • University of Michigan Women
  • White Rock Boathouse

Graduates: Kristen Brownlee, Tom Demers, Hugo Gulliver, Dan Harrison, Lauren Moore, George Munger, Rachel Schlosser, Lucas Wilhelm

Class of 2014 Graduates

ResizedImage600429 IRL Class of 2014 Graduates

The Class of 2014 has a number of coaches working at the community development level as well as our first ever IRL alumni to coach crews to a gold medal at the IRA National Championship. Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Chattahoochee Navy
  • Community Rowing, Inc.
  • Michigan State University Men
  • New York University Graduate School
  • University of Washington Men
  • Wesleyan University Women

Graduates: Edward Bauer, Annie Haley, Alex Mann, Bryan Pape, Kate Smith, Julie Warren

Class of 2013 Graduates

IRL Class of 2013 Graduates

The Class of 2013 has numerous coaches working to build competitive crews at the collegiate level, a boatman/innovator as well as our first ever IRL alumni who is now a doctor and back at the IRL as an instructor (with another one soon to be once her Ph.D. is complete)! Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Back on Track Physical Therapy
  • Community Rowing, Inc.
  • Greater Dayton Rowing Association
  • Harvard University Heavyweight Men
  • Simmons College
  • University of New England
  • Washington University in St. Louis

Graduates: Ken Gifford, Karl Harshe, Ching-Ting Hwang, Patrick Lapage, Caitlin Mance, Erin McConnell, Brandon Walz

Class of 2012 Graduates

IRL Graduates Class of 2012

The inaugural Class of 2012 are impacting rowing across the board in unique ways. From taking crews to the World Championships every year since 2015 to expanding the rowing world at the Head of the Charles or designing innovative community programs domestically and internationally or by pushing crews to the medal stand in the collegiate ranks, this group of trendsetters were the first IRL graduates and have continued to make an impact everywhere they go. Post graduation the 2012 Fellows coach(ed) at:

  • Catholic University Men & Women
  • Community Rowing, Inc.
  • Head of the Charles & MIT Lightweight Men
  • Manchester Rowing Alliance
  • Thompson Boat Center High Performance Group
  • University of Pennsylvania Women

Graduates: Brenda Balenger, Katie Lane, Patrick Larcom, Brendan Mulvey, Katie O'Driscoll, Judith Vogel

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The Institute for Rowing Leadership is accredited at the highest level (Level 5) offered by USCCE-NCACE and is the only accredited US Coaching Education Program in rowing, ever.