CRI Coach Certification

At the heart of great coaching is the experience of the rowers.  CRI Coach Certification (CCC) opens the door for coaches to gain insight and valuable knowlege to succeed.  Most new coaches have significant passion for rowing but varying degrees of coaching knowledge - we provide additional training to teach our staff how to effectivley communcate, lead, and manage teams.

CCC includes 40 hours of training through online, classroom and hands-on modules. CCC is taught by a range of CRI coaches and staff who "will be there" for our new coaches as they embark out of the classroom and on to the water.  All CRI coaches are expected to complete CCC training to ensure we observe safe and proven practices with consistency and the highest degree of professionalism and respect.

Examples of CCC Modules:

  • Safety - USOC SafeSport, BoatUS Safety Certification, USRowing safety guidelines, Launch driving 101, CRI’s Athlete Protection Policy, Charles River Safety and  guided tour of the Charles River narrated by experienced coaches who provide important local knowledge about the river and how to be a partner to the vast river community while coaching for CRI.
  • Communication Skills - Communication with athletes, parents, youth, and other coaches, setting expectations, professionalism and what to avoid
  • Mission - How to establish a caring, positive, and supportive environment for athletes to succeed
  • Head Coach/Assistant Coach Roles - 10 specific skills/qualities that help working relationships between Head and Assistant Coaches
  • Organization Skills - Creating a effective, flexible format for planning

  • Teaching - Novice coxswains, Proper boat handling, Using the barge, Using drills, Work-life balance, Managing your career and more

Non-CRI coaches interested in learning more about the CCC training and how we can customize it to fit their school/club should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..