Adult Recreational Sculling

Sculling programs are the best way to take control of your Charles River experience! Learn to scull then progress as far as you wish in a one-person rowing boat!

Begin with Sculling 1 and get an introduction to the sport in our stable training boats. Next, take Sculling 2, in which you transition to more responsive singles and build on your skills. In Sculling 3, you row in doubles and quads (4 people rowing) and see parts of the river you have never seen! Finally, enroll in Sculling 4 to refine your technique and take the Captain’s Test to become a “free range” sculler. This makes you eligible to participate in CRI’s Logbook Sculling program, in which you have access to single-person club boats to take out on your own.

Prerequisite: The preceding class or equivalent. Must have a valid swim test on file.

Sculling 1

Sculling 1 encompasses the CRI mission of getting everyone on the water no matter their prior athletic experience. Rowers in Sculling 1 learn the traffic patterns of the river, how to navigate, and how to row in one-person shells, called singles. Rowers embark on the Charles in safe, stable singles.

Sculling 2

This program is a continuation of Sculling 1, with coaches working on refining the skills learned. Depending on skill level, athletes will move into boats that are more responsive and require more balance and subtlety. Throughout the program, scullers work toward improving their skills in preparation for the CRI Captain’s Test.

Sculling 3

If you haven’t sculled in a long time or are working your way up from Sculling 2 - this is the class for you! Sculling 3 is designed to be more interactive - you will row with other athletes in doubles and quads. Sculling 3 creates a great team of rowers working together to refine their skills and develop the ability to scull in bigger boats.

Sculling 4

Sculling 4 provides participants coaching in our fleet of racing shells. Many participants enjoy the class as a stand alone experience, other use it to prepare for the CRI Captain’s Test. Sculling 4 enables participants to continue to refine and develop their capacity to navigate the river, row effectively, and gain fitness.

Logbook Sculling

Logbook Sculling is for rowers who have passed the CRI Captain’s Test and been cleared to row CRI club singles. Boats and oars are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is an additional test to be able to take out a double. These tests are for the rowers’ safety. Logbook sculling is a great way to gain access to one of the best rowing spots in the country.

Logbook Coached Sessions

Coached sessions are for Captain’s-tested scullers to improve their technique for recreation or competition. Keep your independence and gain guidance. This program is for independent scullers who want feedback. In five practice sessions per week, coaches work with rowers of various skill levels to help them achieve technical and physiological improvement. Coaches provide a training schedule a month in advance with a training and fitness plan. Each class consists of a combination of technique, drills, and pieces.

  • Tuesday 5:30-7:00 am and 7:30-9:00 am — Drills and steady state.
  • Thursday 5:30-7:00 am and 7:30-9:00 am — Drills and anaerobic threshold (medium range) work.
  • Saturday 5:30-7:00 am


All rowers must be pay the Facilities Fee to participate.