Women's Competitive Team

The CRI Competitive Women’s team gives experienced rowers and coxswains the opportunity to train seriously, receive top-notch coaching, and compete locally and nationally.

Team Members

Athletes on the team are expected to have a minimum of two years rowing or coxing experience, ideally including at least one year of competition. Team members range in age from 20s to 70s, a mix of athletes that rowed in college or learned to row or cox as adults. All are dedicated competitors looking to refine technique, increase speed, and make connections with other passionate rowers.


The season runs from late March through early November. Practice in team boats occurs Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 5:00 – 7:15 am (with boats docking by 7:00 am).  

The expectation is that every team member will make their best effort to attend all practices, as training together is an essential component of our success.  However, we recognize the demands of jobs and families, and understand that a vacation or periodic conflicts may occur during the course of the season.


The team typically competes at 4-5 local regattas and 1-3 away regattas requiring travel.  Highlights of the season include Masters Nationals in the summer and the Head of the Charles in the fall. Within reason, attendance is expected at all team races. 

The team attends sprint regattas in the spring and summer, and head races in the fall. The standard masters sprint distance is 1K, which allows athletes to compete in multiple events at any given regatta.


The team is always looking for strong additions, both rowers and coxswains. Those interested are invited to join us in CRI's classroom on one of the following days for an information session:

  • Thursday, January 19 at 6:00am
  • Thursday, February 16 at 6:00am
  • Monday, March 6 at 6:00pm

Tryouts typically occur in the second half of March. Following the tryout period, individual rowers can e-mail the captains (contact info below) to inquire about additional tryout options. Experienced coxswains are warmly welcomed to join the team at any time!

Women interested in trying out for the team will be evaluated on attitude, coachability, fitness & erg scores, technique, and competitive spirit.

Team Captains

Erin Bonney: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Meredith Crenca: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


CRI runs a large number of programs, provides a variety of outreach, and maintains an amazing rowing facility.  None of this would be possible without the CRI membership dedicating volunteer time – which includes each of our team members volunteering at least 12 hours/year (an average of 1 hour/month) to help keep the CRI community run smoothly. 



Team accomplishments at several major regattas


    • Independence Day Regatta - Philadelphia

Masters 4+ : 1-first place, 3-second place finishes

Masters 2- : 3rd

Masters 8 : 2-second place finishes

    • Master’s Nationals

G 2- : Gold,/P>

Club A 4+ : Gold

LWT F 4+ : Silver

Open A 2- : Silver

Open A 4+ : Bronze

Club A 8+ : Bronze

    • Head of the Charles

Club 4 : 14th out of 55

Club 8 : 23rd out of 31

Masters 8 : 8th out of 15

Senior Master 8 : 15th out of 38



  • 2018 World Rowing Masters, Sarasota, FL

Women’s Team Points: 2nd in Club Points, 3rd Overall 
Gold: A2-, A4-
Silver: A4+, B4-, C2-, E4+, E8+, F8+
Bronze: E4+, E4-, F2-

  • 2018 Masters Nationals, Oakland, CA

Women’s Team Points: 5th Overall 
Gold: Open AA2-, Open A8+
Silver: Open AA2-, Open A2-, Open A4+, Open B8+, Club A8+, Club A4+ , Ltwt D4+
Bronze: Open A4+ , Open F4+

  • 2018 Heads of the Charles, Boston, MA 

Club 4+: 1st amongst club crews – Special Medal Winners (6th overall of 52) 
Masters 8+: 5th overall of 16
Club 8+: 23rd overall of 31
Senior Masters 8+: 32th overall of 44

Seniors Masters 4+: 36th overall of 43


    • Masters Nationals

Women’s Team Points: 2nd overall, 57% of entries medaled

Gold: Open AA 2-, Open A 2-, Open F 2-, Open AA 4-, Open A4-, Open AA 4+, Open A 4+, Open A 8+, Club A 8+, Club B 8+

Silver: Open B 4-, Lwt D 4+, Open B 4+, Open C 4+, Club F 4+, Open A 8+, Open B 8+

Bronze: Open A 2-, Open B 2-, Open C 4-, Open D 4-, Open A 4+, Lwt E 4+, Open AA 4+, Open E 4+, Club A 4+, Club D 4+, Club E 8+


  • Head of the Charles

   Club 8+: 1st amongst club crews - Special Medal Winner (8th overall of 39)

Grand Masters 4+: 2nd amongst Grand Master crews (8th overall of 42)

Masters 4+: 11th overall of 25

Club 4+: 28th overall of 59