CRI adult programs are for rowers of all athletic backgrounds and ages. We offer a variety of programs to match any skill level or competitive interest in self paced group lessons.

If you have never done anything athletic, we welcome you! And for adults with athletic backgrounds or experience, there are many pathways to integrating rowing into your life. All our programs take place in one of the most beautiful locations on Boston’s Charles River and in a boathouse that’s won international recognition for it's function and beauty. If you imagined taking yourself on a lifelong athletic journey, rowing could be your pathway!

Sweep Rowing or Sculling - What's the difference?

Sculling: Two oars per rower. Row in a one-, two-or four-person shell. Sculling allows for greater independence as you explore the river and your skill development in a group setting. Find the immediate feeling of connectivity to the water, the boat, and your own movements.

Sweep Rowing: One oar per rower. Row in an eight- or four-person shell. Sign up with friends or simply meet people from all parts of the Boston community. Teamwork and comraderie with your fellow rowers is the name of the game. Move together as one, glide down the river together, and enjoy all that comes from being in sync on the water.

Adult Recreational Sculling

Sculling programs are the best way to take control of your Charles River experience! Learn to scull then progress as far as you wish in a one-person rowing boat!

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Adult Recreational Sweep Rowing

In this sweep rowing intro, rowers will kick off their rowing careers in fun, self paced, group lessons. In all of our recreational sweep programs, rowers will also be required to take turns learning to cox their own boats.

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Women's Competitive Team

The CRI Competitive Women’s team gives experienced rowers and coxswains the opportunity to train seriously, receive top-notch coaching, and compete locally and nationally.

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Men's Competitive Team

The CRI Competitive Men’s team is a year-long coached program giving experienced rowers aged 21 and older the opportunity to train seriously, receive top-notch coaching, and compete locally and nationally. 

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U-23 Rowing

CRI offers a U-23/Collegiate Sculling Program, in order to provide collegiate rowers who may not have a traditional season a way to stay in touch with the water.

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Regatta Fees and Protocols

Learn more about Community Rowing regatta protocols for adult rowing programs, including information on requesting boats and fees for home and away races.

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Captain's Test

To become a logbook sculler, you must pay the facilities fee, have a valid Captain’s Test and swim test on file with CRI, and have registered and paid for logbook sculling.

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Private Lessons

We want to teach you to row! If you are new to rowing or just want to improve your technique, please request a lesson and if a coach is available, they will reach out to you directly.

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