Winter Training & Indoor Programs

Welcome to CRI! Our winter training/indoor programs offer a unique experience for rowers of all experiences to build fitness, improve technique, and stay connected to our CRI community. Whether indoor rowing, yoga, or strength classes, our onsite and online/virtual programs are a great opportunity to build or maintain fitness during the winter or any season of the year.

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TPR: Technique/Power/Results with Jon Smith and Anna Juraschek

Technique Power Results: The continuation of a popular winter training class that hinges on the principle that rowing on an erg is transferable to the boat. We will spend time deconstructing the rowing stroke and introducing drills, techniques, and helping to develop a “feeling” for the body’s actions during the rowing stroke. Rest assured, there is plenty of hard work involved, but the course revolves around rowing with purpose and intent and focusing on EACH stroke as an opportunity to move that boat a little further, with a little less effort. Dry-land exercises, drills, training segments, and stretching are all incorporated into each session.

Yoga for Rowers with Anna Juraschek

Anna's yoga sessions will look at the major muscles involved in the four phases of the rowing stroke through the lens of yoga. Participants will learn proper alignment and basic sequencing to strengthen their bodies and improve flexibility. Goals of this course include improved flexibility, core strength, kinesthetic/somatic awareness, injury prevention, and mental focus. Practice will include breath work, static physical postures, and movement. New practitioners welcome. Recommended equipment: yoga mat, strap, and block.