Josh Boissoneau

CRI High Performance Group & U.S. Para National Team

Josh has dedicated himself to the sport of rowing for the past three years, and credits rowing at CRI for bringing great change to his life. Always a competitive athlete, Josh played both hockey and lacrosse in college and even went on to play hockey in Germany after graduating. During his post college sports career, Josh unexpectedly lost feeling in his lower extremities.

 His doctors could not determine the cause.

After three years of living with his disability and the limitations of being confined to a wheelchair, Josh looked for a sport he could participate in. Josh discovered rowing through the CRI Para Program. “The coaches at CRI were very welcoming. They treated me like any other rower without judgment. I felt accepted,” explains Josh.

Since he began rowing Josh’s determination and effort has been steadfast, training four to five days a week. Six months after beginning to row he was out of his wheelchair, using leg braces and a cane. The program also helped him gain the confidence to get back to work. Josh’s strides were more than physical. His confidence grew and Josh returned to work. A new rower no longer, and a competitive athlete once again, Josh is now training as a member of the CRI High Performance Group and rowing competitively with the U.S. Para National Team.