Pull Hard, Pull Together: A Day of Strength and Unity

Community Rowing, Inc. Marathon Team

CRI Giving Day

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On May 4th, we asked our community to Pull Hard and Pull Together for CRI Giving Day. We know there is a great deal of strength and generosity amongst the CRI community, but what you demonstrated on Tuesday was simply incredible!
Together, as a community, you helped CRI raise more than $136,133 from 326 donors!
Your kindness allows us to look forward to the future with hope, confidence, and strength. This, after all, was a campaign to strengthen CRI, and beyond realizing greater financial strength, we saw a community strengthened by generosity, unity, and collaboration!
CRI is a home for all who wish to experience the sport of rowing and a place where we can ALL learn to Pull Hard and Pull Together.

Last year, CRI joined the national movement of #GivingTuesdayNow and asked for your help to not only simply survive but more importantly to help us maintain our impact on society and the world of rowing. Together we raised over $125,000—and beyond financial support, the collective strength of community, care and generosity was profound and inspiring.

CRI’s Giving Day has grown into an annual effort highlighting the collective generosity of our community, the positive impact of our programs, and the power of our mission and values as a home for all who wish to grow through rowing.

Thank you for showing up—in support of our incredible coaches, athletes, and the team at CRI. We sincerely appreciate your support, now and always. As a way to acknowledge and share appreciation for donors who support CRI on its Giving Day, we have established special ways to say thank you!

Giving Levels

$50 - $249: CRI vehicle window decal, 12-month subscription to Rowing News.

$250 - $999: Place your name on a CRI Oar; CRI Blanket, 12-month subscription to Rowing News, CRI vehicle window decal

$1,000 - $2,499: Place your name on a CRI Oar, CRI Camp Chair, 12-month subscription to Rowing News CRI vehicle window decal

$2,500 - $9,999: Place your name at a seat of a 4 or 8, CRI YETI Mug, 12-month subscription to Rowing News CRI vehicle window decal

$10,000: Name a Single*

$25,000: Name a Four or Quad*

$50,000: Name an Eight*

*Groups are encouraged to collaborate and raise funds to name a boat.