Rental Rules

  1. Any client meetings with vendors on site at CRI need to be coordinated with the CRI Event Manager. A CRI representative needs to be present at any client site visits with vendoes/guests/staff.
  2. No flammable decorations, glitter, confetti, or rice are to be used. Additionally, no toys that involve confetti, glitter, or silly string are allowed. No tape is to be used on the walls or tables. No fog machines are to be used in or around the building. No bicycles may be used in the building.
  3. Any decorations or activities involving open flame, including sparklers, candelabras and candlesticks, and votive candles are prohibited.
  4. Decorations may NOT hang from the ceilings or light fixtures.
  5. The Weight Room is off limits and may never be used as an event space or by the caterer.
  6. Licensee shall not allow keg beer to be served. All liquor must remain inside the boathouse.
  7. All events that have alcohol are required to hire a Police Detail to be on premise. The detail remains outside in his or her vehicle during the event and makes sure there are no attempts made to leave the event intoxicated, driving a vehicle.
  8. Licensee shall not adjust spotlights, ceiling lights, wall lights, or remove light bulbs.
  9. CRI is a non-smoking organization. Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere in or around the Harry Parker Boathouse, including the balconies and the walkway between the Boathouse and the river. This applies to all catering staff and guests.
  10. All non-CRI rental equipment must be approved by CRI in advance of the event and a list of non-CRI equipment must be submitted to the Licensor 30 days in advance of the event date.
  11. All non-CRI rental equipment drop-off and pick-up days and times must be given written approval by the Licensor 30 days in advance of the event date. Drop-offs must take place the event day and pick-ups must be scheduled for the morning following the event. 
  12. The existing second floor tables (Classroom & Meeting Room) may NOT be used for food preparation. Caterers must bring in their own food preparation tables. No catering equipment or food should be placed directly on any of the existing tables.
  13. Any use of CRI equipment or property, inside or outside of the facility, is strictly prohibited. If used without written permission, additional fees will be assessed.
  14. Alcohol service must be closed 30 minutes prior to the end of the Licensee’s event.
  15. Directly following the end of the event, all CRI rental equipment used during the event must be returned to the upstairs storage closet in accordance with the diagram displayed on the inside of the door.
  16. All non-CRI rental equipment that is being picked up the following morning must be moved down the hall and stored in the Meeting Room (next to the elevator) at the end of the event during the allotted breakdown time period.
  17. All items, including glass bottles and soda/beer cans used and discarded by guests and caterers, must be removed from the building by way of the back staircase and recycled appropriately.
  18. All ice should be discarded outside the back door, not in the bathroom sinks or kitchen sink.
  19. Event room floor must be swept clean of any broken glass, food, or trash that may have dropped during the event. All spilled food and drinks must be washed off during the breakdown.
  20. Both bathrooms must be swept clean of any broken glass, food, or trash that may have dropped in the bathrooms during the event.
  21. Trash must be removed at the end of the event and placed in the dumpster outside using either the back staircase, or placed in bins in order to use the elevator.
  22. At the end of the breakdown time, all spaces used during the event should be emptied of all private event equipment and trash, otherwise return the premises to the same condition as they were immediately prior to the event, reasonable wear and tear expected.
  23. No children under the age of 18 are allowed on the balconies, downstairs in the boathouse, or outside without being accompanied by an adult chaperone. The Licensee is responsible for all guests and their safety.