Feedback Loops

Leverage What You Know - How can you ensure your athletes, coaches and organization work together to generate annual success? Get Feedback!

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The Rowing Network

The Rowing Network (TRN) is an inclusive online education based destination that is accessible to coaches from anywhere in the world.  The aim of the TRN is to provide coaches with easy to access expert-developed educational material to improve their skills. Materials available incorporate expertise from across the global rowing landscape. Founded by Rowing Australia and the Institute for Rowing Leadership at Community Rowing, Inc.

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Coaching Workshops

 Attend weekend or one-day workshops and learn from the best through hands-on experiences and practical feedback.

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Certificate in Community Building for Rowing

The Certificate in Community Building for Rowing (CCBR) is an immersive 21-day leadership program designed specifically for coaches and teachers working at a grassroots level to grow the sport of rowing in their communities.

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