CRI Coach Talk 7 - Dr. Dan Bechard - 7/18/19

by Patrick Larcom

Hey Coaches and Coxswains! Hope you're Summer is going well. If you're looking to catchup with coaching friends from the area definitely check out the details below for CRI Coach Talk 7 and come share some brats and brews with us!

Topic: Boats, Biomechanics, and Technology


Please RSVP Below for:

CRI Coach Talk 7
Thursday, July 18th
5:00pm - 6:00pm
@CRI's Harry Parker Boathouse

Presenter: Dr. Dan Bechard,

Head Coach Men's Rowing at University of Western Ontario, Hudson Boat Works, and IRL Biomechanics Instructor

Description: Come share in a casual discussion with Dan Bechard from Hudson on all things rowing, boats, biomechanics, and technology. If you have questions about integrating certain technologies into your program he's a great resource and is happy to chat about all things rowing and technology!

We'll be meeting under the CRI Tent at the West end of the boathouse. Come share some delicious food, beer, and talk about rowing. This invitation is open to any coaches that can make it from along the river, at CRI, and in the area. Come ready to connect with fellow coaches, share ideas from personal experience, and learn from others. Please signup and share this with others that might be interested.

All coaches are welcome!

Please RSVP Here:

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