CRI Coach Talk 3 - 1/16/19

by Patrick Larcom

Bode CRI Coach Talk 3Thank you to everyone that joined us last night in person and online.  Coach Bode gave a great presentation on his takeaways from Mike Purcer and Connie Draper at the Joy of Sculling in December.  There was hot food, cold beer, and lively discussion on topics ranging from rigging, limb lengths, movement patterns, and load sensing technology. Be sure to checkout the live stream recording and one page takeaway below.

One Page Takeaway (Click Here)

Recording of Live Stream (Click Here)

Description: Bode lead a discussion on what he learned from the Joy of Sculling. Specifically, he recapped Mike Purcer's session and Connie Draper's session. Bode spurred great discussion on how Purcer uses video recording, world champ data, and force curves to better quantify how boats move fast. Here are some other topics that came up in our discussions.

-Biomechanics based on experience at Joy of Sculling with Mike Purcer and Connie Draper
-Strength and Conditioning
-Measuring Performance

Questions for Coaches to think about in preparation:
1. What are you interested to learn more about?
2. What are you going to try with your program?
3. What questions do you still have post Coach Talk 2 and Joy of Sculling?

We met in the CRI Classroom to share some delicious food, a drink or two from Craft Beer Cellar, and talk about rowing. The invitation is always open to any coaches that can make it from along the river, at CRI, and in the area. Come ready to connect with fellow coaches, share ideas from personal experience, and learn from others. Please signup and share this with other coaches that might be interested.