Athlete Protection and SafeSport Information

CRI is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for our athletes' physical, emotional and social development and to ensure that it promotes an environment free of misconduct

CRI ATHLETE PROTECTION POLICY.  This policy is distributed to all CRI staff and is available in other internal communications and training.  

CRI has updated its Athlete Protection Policy to comply with requirements made of USRowing (starting Jan 1, 2022) along with all other Olympic sports national governing bodies (e.g., gymnastics, swimming, sailing, etc).  The policies below are intended to meet the guidance by the Center for SafeSport and Minor Athlete Protection Policies.   In addition to meeting requirements of our sport, our approach is explicit regarding athlete protections and our zero tolerance for bullying, hazing, or harassment.   


Update:  April, 2023:   See important information below from USRowing relating to all CRI athletes competing in USRowing Sanctioned events:


SafeSport Training is required for all relevant CRI athletes competing in USRowing sanctioned events.  

All individuals 18 years old or older are required to complete a SafeSport self-attestation to determine whether they are considered a Relevant Adult Participant as defined by the 2023 SafeSport Policy.

To access SafeSport Attestation and Questionnaires, log into your individual USRowing account at   You will be prompted to complete a questionnaire

If an individual does not meet the U.S. Center for SafeSport's definition of regular contact with minor athletes, then they will be exempt from training. 

NOTE:  To ensure minimal errors in linking your SafeSport courses to your USRowing profile, be sure your member number and DOB are accurate in your SafeSport account. If you take your SafeSport course and still do not see it linking to your USRowing membership, try logging out and back into your member account and clicking on the SafeSport icon once more. In doing this, your most recent SafeSport course will be updated to your USRowing profile.



Below is language of CRI permissions that are added to all appropriate registrations in RegattaCentral (depending on the event & CRI program):


I, as the parent/guardian, hereby authorize and consent that my Minor Athlete can travel with CRI to and from all In-Program activities during a period of one year from the date of this consent. I understand that my Minor Athlete or I can withdraw consent at any time. 


When the team travels to regattas, I give consent for my minor athlete to share a room with a teammate who is 18 years or older (but not more than 4 years older than my minor athlete).  

I understand that CRI Coaches, Staff and Chaperones will stay in the same hotel as my athlete, but will not share a room with any minor athletes.

For those athletes in our youth competitive program, below are additional helpful links:

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