2020 Board Candidate Bios

Voting for new 2020 Board Members will begin on Wednesday March 18, and run until April 1.
Bridget Bettigole

Bridget Bettigole

I am lucky to be involved with CRI in several ways. First, I have rowed for the past several years with the General Sweeps early morning classes. I still can’t believe that I wake up so early to row, but the coaches, the other rowers, and the opportunity to row on the Charles always make it worth it. I also have experienced CRI from another perspective as a parent of two daughters on the competitive girls team, which has included volunteering at the regattas with tent set up/break down, food preparation, and whatever else needs doing. Who would have thought when I decided to learn to row about 6 years ago that CRI would turn out to be one of the most important places in my (and my family’s) life?

Now, I am excited about the opportunity to give back to CRI as a member of the Board. I believe that my perspective as a CRI rower, parent, and volunteer, together with my experience on other non-profit boards and my skills as a corporate lawyer, will allow me to jump right in as an active and effective contributor.

I have served on the board of the Wellesley Free Library Foundation for 4 years, and currently am Vice President and a member of the Foundation’s Executive Committee. The Foundation solicits and stewards private philanthropy that bridges the gap between town funding and Wellesley’s aspirations for its library. Currently, we are focused on a $1 million capital campaign to support a renovation of the library’s main branch and to increase Foundation endowments. The campaign effort has included working with outside consultants to create a case statement and formulate fundraising strategies that will most effectively resonate with potential donors. We also are nearing the final stages of a comprehensive re-branding project to shape and distill the Foundation’s communications across media platforms.

I also have served as a board member (Co-President, 2018-2019; Co-Vice President, 2017-2018; Parliamentarian, 2015-2017) of the National Charity League, Wellesley Chapter, a philanthropic organization of mothers and daughters who, together, volunteer 4000+ hours annually at over 20 local and regional organizations. Key initiatives during my tenure as Co-President included (a) restructuring the nomination process for both board members and committee heads and (b) strategic revamping of jobs assignments to better align with Chapter goals and inter-class connections. Parliamentarian responsibilities included updating and maintaining all Chapter constituent documents and governance policies.

Off the water and out of the board room, I am a Senior Funds Attorney at Ropes & Gray LLP. I represent institutional investors (including university endowments, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and private foundations) in connection with their investments in private equity and hedge funds, as well as direct co-investments. This work includes structuring and negotiating investments ranging from $10 million to $1.5 billion+.

I am confident that I have the skills and experience to be an effective, disciplined and strategic board member, and to help CRI realize its mission and values. Additionally, my experiences as a rower and as a parent of youth rowers are quite different, and give me a unique and broad insight into CRI. I would appreciate your vote. If you’d like to talk or ask questions before you vote, please feel free to reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


augusta rohrback

Augusta Rohrbach

My name is Augusta Rohrbach and I am the Director for Strategic Initiatives in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Tufts University. Prioir to coming to Tufts, I was tenured at Washington State University where I was Editor-in-Chief of ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance. As my work history probably makes clear, I have the ability to hurl an enormous amount of jargon and keep a straight face. What the titles and publications may not make obvious, is how committed I am to inclusivity in all of its manifestations. As an academic, I used the lens of business history to retell literary history and show that the slave narratives were a major tap root for American literature. As an administrator, I focus on broadening opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration across the university through strategic planning. I came to CRI last year with a desire to learn to row and see the sunset on the Charles on a regular basis. But the real bonus was the soul satifaction of being part of a group of adults committed to working together regardless of background or skillset. At CRI, I have found a community of people united by their committment to collaboration in real time that brings together the deeply held beliefs at the heart of my life and work. As a board member, I would like to use my ability to operationalize complex ideas through trategic planning and skills aas an author, editor, public speaker, and organizer to advance CRI's mission of rowing for all.