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Competitive Boys Head Coach

The Varsity Boys Head Coach is responsible for CRI’s Youth Competitive team, and reports to the Director of Youth Development. The Head Coach is responsible for the safety of the student-athletes, and for creating an environment that fosters a love of rowing and promotes a growth mindset. The Head Coach embodies CRI’s mission by exemplifying sportsmanship and respect for all individuals, and also by fostering a strong sense of community both within their own team and with the larger CRI community.

Operations: Equipment and Scheduling Manager

The Equipment and Scheduling Manager coordinates the assignment of all equipment (boats, oars and launches) for all CRI programs and for team travel. The Equipment and Scheduling Manager serves a primary and critical role in the functional of our recreational and competitive programs by allocating equipment and space resources equitably across all programs. This role embodies CRI’s mission by ensuring that resources are allocated to best support each of CRI’s programs in reaching its potential.

Development Associate: Temporary Position

CRI is searching for a Temporary Development Associate for a minimum commitment of 6 months, beginning no later than mid-July. This position requires a minimum weekly commitment of 24 hours. The Development Associate will fulfill strategic operational and administrative duties, focusing on managing CRI’s donor database, gift processing, donor research, and stewardship. The development associate will work collaboratively with the entire development team and directly with the Director of Development.

Coaches: Full Time and Part Time

CRI Coaches are leaders who strive to provide our athletes safe, healthy and challenging rowing experiences. CRI Coaches exemplify our principles of respect for all individuals while fostering team spirit and community. Under our coaches’ guidance, athletes will build fundamentals of rowing skill, fitness and connection to the CRI community. The scope of our coaching position’s focus is broad, spanning many programs at CRI. As such, the CRI Coaches collaborate across the spectrum of CRI’s programs and operations to ensure we fulfill our mission, values and aspirations.

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