Coronavirus COVID-19 Update


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CRI currently does not require visitors complete the Wellness Check.  

MOST RECENT UPDATE:  Friday, August 20, 11:15AM

  • Acting Mayor Kim Janey announced this morning a city-wide mandate requiring people to wear face masks in indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccination status, will begin on Friday August 27.  
  • The mandate will not apply to children aged 2 and under.
  • Beginning on Friday, August 27, CRI will require everyone entering the Harry Parker Boathouse to wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status.
  • Showers and locker rooms will remain open, but masks must be worn when not actively showering.


Tuesday, July 28. 4:30pm

CRI is actively monitoring state and health authorities regarding masking and vaccination guidelines.   At this time, CRI is continuing to ask unvaccinated people to wear masks.  For those who have been vaccinated, masking continues to be voluntary.  


Other Updates:  Tuesday, June 15 3:30pm

CRI will Host CIC Health for On-Site COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Wednesday June 30, 11am to 3pm

  • CIC Health will offer administering either the two-dose Pfizer vaccine or the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The first dose for the Pfizer vaccine will be administered on June 30 and the second dose on July 21 at CRI. 
  • The Pfizer vaccine is approved for individuals 12 and older.  If parents would like your child to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the Community Rowing clinic, please complete this registration form in advance of the clinic: Parental consent is required for minors to receive the vaccine. The parental consent form is built into the registration page above. If you are not able to complete this form in advance but would like your child to be vaccinated, you must accompany them to the clinic on June 30. The clinic can accept walk-ins during the scheduled hours.
  • Neither government issued identification nor health insurance are required to receive the vaccine.

Friday, May 28 2:30

Following the Governor's announcement today at 12 PM, Community Rowing will follow the State guidelines regarding re-opening starting on Saturday, May 29. This includes:

Masking:  Fully vaccinated people (+2 weeks from final shot) do not need to wear masks indoors/outdoors or on the water. We ask those who have not been fully vaccinated to continue to follow state guidance on masking.  

Individuals under the age of 18 may continue to row unmasked regardless of vaccination status in team boats per state guidelines

NOTE:  Coxswains in stern-loaded boats must wear a mask and sunglasses or eyeglasses or face shield per USRowing guidelines.  We will announce any changes as they are announced for our coxswains

Wellness Check:  Starting Monday May 31, athletes will no longer be required to complete the CRI Wellness Check prior to arrival.  We ask that anyone feeling ill or suffering from symptoms related to COVID to remain away from CRI.

Indoor Training and Gatherings:  The 2nd floor will open for individuals to train.  CRI may make additional announcements regarding further loosening of our guidelines/restrictions on indoor training and indoor gatherings 

Pool Testing:  The current Youth Pool Testing program will continue through June 12.  CRI will discontinue individual and pool testing for all other programs as of Tuesday, June 1. 

We will continue to update our safety guidelines and communicate them on this page, our weekly e-News, social media and to our coaches and staff. 


Wednesday, May 26, 10:00am

  • CRI is anticipating several changes to our COVID opening guidelines with the coming announcement by the State on Saturday, May 29.
  • We will monitor this announcement and make adjustments / further loosening of our practices as practical - likely further changes to our opening procedures will begin after the Memorial Day holiday and go into effect starting as early as Tuesday, June 1.
  • Look for further updates about CRI's response to the State's announcement from
    • this page
    • our weekly e-News that will be published on Wednesday June 2
    • our social media channels and/or,
    • our coaches and staff via email if you are current a registered participant in one of our programs


Tuesday, May 20

  • Given the changes to Mass state guidelines as determined by Gov. Baker, CRI will not require testing for the month of June as planned when opening registration for our early summer sessions
  • Masking continues to be required per the State mandated guidance and therefore we ask anyone 19 years and older continue to wear a mask when rowing in any boat of two or more people.  


Friday, May 14.  

  • With the announcement by the CDC yesterday, we are awaiting guidance from MA State and health authorities about further loosening of state guidelines and restrictions.  
  • As as we learn of ways our community can safety row and congregate at the Harry Parker Boathouse within State guidance, we will announce further loosening of our guidelines.  Until then however, all CRI COVID guidelines, policies and requirements for rowers and staff remain in full effect.
  • We will share more here, in our e-News, and social media as we learn it and in the meantime, thank you for continuing to support CRI by helping us following current state and MA health guidelines


For previous Covid-19 CRI Updates click here




SPRING 202 Hours of Operation, as of March 22, 2021: 5am to 8pm Weekdays; 5am to 4pm Weekends.   

Somerville Sculling Pavillion: LIMITED OPEN 

Harry Parker Boathouse:

  •  First floor bathrooms: OPEN
  •  Docks:  CLOSED 
  •  Front Desk: LIMITED OPEN
  •  2nd Floor Bathrooms:  LIMITED OPEN
  •  Showers: CLOSED
  • Weight Room:  LIMITED OPEN
  •  Community Room / Ergs:  LIMITED OPEN
  • Row Studio: CLOSED
  •  Admin Offices:  LIMITED OPEN
  •  Coaches Offices: LIMITED OPEN


 Mandatory Health and Safety Measures for All Rowers/Scullers: 

  • Masks must be worn over mouth and nose, at all times, while on land and on the docks

    • You must bring your own mask - CRI will not provide or sell masks

    • Anyone who chooses not to wear a mask may lose the privilege to return to CRI

    • NEW for 2021 - Anyone rowing in a boat with more than one person (2x, 4x, bow coxed 4+) must wear a mast, regardless of vaccination status
  • No gatherings allowed at anytime on land or docks 

    • Please be mindful of time spent at hand and equipment washing stations

    • We expect our rowers to spend 10 minutes or less in any particular location on the grounds

  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet as frequently as possible 

All Financial Transactions / Payments must be done online only

  • The front desk is closed and no financial transactions may be conducted in the reception tent

Bike Storage

  • Bikes may be parked & locked only at the rack in the parking lot. The rack on the Grounds is closed 

Personal Storage

  • There is no storage available anywhere at CRI - please leave belongings in your car or at home that you wont take with you in the boat

    • You are not permitted to leave bags or personal items on the dock, on the grounds or in CRI buildings

    • You must bring shoes or footwear with you in the boat 

  • Items found on the grounds may be thrown out - there will be no lost and found

Spring Opening for 2021 - Information Page


 what to expect



Follow basic health and safety measures at all times

  • Wear a mask at all times on the grounds and on the docks
  • Maintain appropriate physical distance from all other people
  • Wash your hands or disinfect them frequently
  • No Gathering / Hanging Out 



Complete a CRI Wellness Check prior to Every Row at CRI - Indoors or Outdoors

Prior to arriving, you will need to complete an online wellness check at in order to gain access to the equipment and programs.  This applies all rowers and all staff.

2 Step Check-in at the CRI Reception - indoors at the desk or outdoor desk depending on weather

All CRI rowers and staff must check in at the CRI Reception Area or at the desk under the portico at the front entrance. Checking in is required for all accessing CRI equipment and programs. 

  •  Step I - Stop at CRI reception. CRI staff will check you in by certifying you have completed the CRI Wellness Check prior to arrival
    • The CRI Wellness Check must be completed prior to gaining access to the grounds or equipment

    • We strongly recommend that you complete the wellness check prior to arrival

  • Step II - In an effort to support physical distancing CRI staff will monitor and control your access to the grounds, similar to entering a grocery store

    • It may be that you will be asked to wait until an area clears before entering the grounds - please be patient and kind

Equipment Locations

We have converted our shell trailers to outdoor storage. Single sculls are located in FOUR locations within easy walking distance of the docks Boats will now be stored/located among

  • The Somerville Pavillion
  • CRI Red Trailer
  • CRI Black Trailer
  • Racks in Eastern Boat Bay of the Harry Parker Boathouse
  • Tubby Rack (not moved)

Launching and Landing

You will launch from Docks 3 or 4 and return on Docks 1 or 2 

  • Reminder: Leave all your personal belongings in your car or keep them with you at all times. Do Not Leave anything on the docks - including shoes and footwear 

Para Launching and Landing 

  • Please launch and land between docks 2 and 3
  • Para rowers will be allowed to leave only those items and devices necessary for their personal mobility between dock 2 and 3 where they will not need to be moved or touched by anyone while they are on the water. This is intended for wheelchairs, canes, and prosthetics only





At Home

For logbook scullers reserve your boat and rowing time in IRowNow and Complete the online CRI Wellness Check


After you Arrive

Put on your awesome mask


Go to CRI Reception for the 2 Step Safety Control. 


When getting your oars

  • Wash, Rinse, Disinfect them on the gravel between the sculling pavillion and the water
  • Take them to a marked “parking space” on the Dock 3 or Dock 4


When getting your boat

  • Adjust, Wash, Rinse, Disinfect on the gravel between the sculling pavillion and the water
  • Bring ALL your belongings with you when launching.  


LAUNCH from Docks 3 or 4

  • Reminder: Leave all your personal belongings in your car or keep them with you at all times. Please do not leave personal items on the docks - including shoes and footwear


Enjoy your Row!



Land on Docks 1 and 2 ONLY; Para rowers land between docks 2 and 3 

Bring your boat up the washing area and wash it next to the Harry Parker Boathouse

  • Wash, Rinse, Disinfect your boat 

Return your boat to its assigned rack by the end time of your reservation

  • Please do not impede the opportunity for others to row by returning your boat beyond your reservation time
  • Arriving on the dock or being in the process of washing/disinfecting at the time of your reservation ending time is not considerate of others 
  • “Hot seating” on the dock in any form for anyone is explicitly prohibited 

Return your oars

  • Wash, Rinse, Disinfect oars on the gravel between the Harry Parker Boathouse and the water
  • Return them to the appropriate racks

We are excited to be rowing and are happy to welcome you back to CRI, but please do not gather before or after your row. To accommodate others, we ask you to leave once you have completed your row. 



Q. What are CRI’s current hours of operation and what facilities are open? UPDATED MARCH 22, 2021

A. Hours - Note:  Hours of operation reflect opening of in-person programs.  There is no general admittance to CRI at this time.  HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE SO CHECK WITH YOUR COACH

SPRING 2021 Hours of Operation, as of March 22, 2021: 5am to 8pm Weekdays; 5am to 4pm Weekends.   

  • Somerville Sculling Pavillion: LIMITED OPEN 

    Harry Parker Boathouse:

    First floor bathrooms: OPEN
  •  Docks:  CLOSED 
  •  Front Desk: LIMITED OPEN
  •  2nd Floor Bathrooms:  LIMITED OPEN
  •  Showers: CLOSED
  • Weight Room:  LIMITED OPEN
  •  Community Room / Ergs:  LIMITED OPEN
  • Row Studio: CLOSED
  •  Admin Offices:  LIMITED OPEN
  •  Coaches Offices: LIMITED OPEN


Mandatory Health and Safety Measures for All Rowing Activities

Q. What is required to row at CRI?


  • A face mask that covers your nose and mouth to protect others and yourself 
  • A logbook or PBO reservation
  • A completed wellness check


Q. Will staff be onsite to help assist with boats?

A. The primary function of our staff is to enforce our safety certification process and control the number of people on the grounds at any one time. It is not to assist people with boats. Keeping with our tradition, please seek out a logbook partner to safely help you get your boat from its rack to the washing stations. If you need help or have questions, additional staff may be around the grounds to help. 


Q. What if someone else is not following the safety procedures?

A. Kindly remind them of our expectations to keep each other safe. Should you feel there is a need, feel free to share with an on-site staff member. At a minimum the following should always be followed

  • Wearing a face mask at all times on the grounds and when rowing in 2x, 4x and bow coxed 4+
  • Maintaining 6 feet of distance between people
  • No gatherings 
  • Personal belongings should be kept within reach at all times. 
  • Failure by anyone - Logbooker, Private Boat Owner, Staff - to follow safety protocols may result in restricted future access to CRI for an indeterminate length

If you need any help or find your community member non-compliant, please contact a member of the staff on site, the logbook captains, or any staff member including Executive Director, Ted Benford (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


Q. What if there’s a long line to row / I don’t want to wait in line to get my boat?

A. If you chose a popular time to row, there may be a line to get onto the grounds, similar to a grocery store. Be prepared!

  • If you don’t want to wait, chose a time that has fewer boat reservations (you can view the number of reservations in iRowNow)
  • Any delays in launching will will reduce your water time but not change the time when you must have your boat back on the rack ready for the rower
  • There is no opportunity to extend your reservation, get your money back or change the terms of the time you reserved to row
  • Cooperation, Patience and Resilience are the name of the game - be kind, be helpful and be safe