CRI Wakeless Safety Launch

Community Rowing Set out to construct a better and Safer Low Wake Coaching Platform and we believe we did with our SMK 8m.  Community Rowing is a Safety First Organization and we strive to carry that mentality throughout everything we do.  The SMK 8m launch with its lower sheer, tight maneuverability, low wake, and clear deck, helps accomplish that goal.

The Launch Design and Layout is brought to you by Community Rowing's established Boatmen.  With their background in composite construction, boat building, and hull design they approached the coaching launch from a new angle.

The Hull shape is a modified Mono-Hull opposed to a Catamaran.  A larger part of the hulls buoyancy is carried in the main center hull.  The narrow entry sponsors help trap the water under the boat while producing minimal bow waves, while the stern section of the hull acts as a damper for the wake.  This different approach of wake-management has allowed the (model name) to be a very low profile and stable coaching launch with a minimal wake.  The Main center hull is fully accessible for all the coaches needs allowing for storage to be placed in the lowest part of the hull (increasing stability).

Community Rowing Inc. is working with Whitecap Composites to roll this launches out in production.  The parts are built at their facility and they assembled to each owner’s requirements at CRI.  Community Rowing is a strong believer in standards and we take strides to build our launches to the guidelines set in ABYC. (

Hull Characteristics:

  • LOA: 8m, 26'3"
  • Draft: 0.714m, 2' 4"
  • Beam:1.7m, 6' 7"
  • Displacement: 380 kg. 840 lbs (dry)


Console Designs

Coaches feed back and input was very important in our console design.  Coaches of all programs spend hours in launches.  The coaching platform needs to be comfortable and practical to make them more effective at their job.  With this in mind, we have constructed a console that: comfortably seats two coaches behind the helm, has additional seating for two forward of the helm, pencil tray, cup holders, windscreen, glove box, phone charger, bilge pump, navigation lights, horn...etc.


Construction and Features:

  • Vacuum Resin Infused Hull and Decks.
  • Hull cored with LRC Soric for Improved Impact resistance
  • Decks Laminated with Core-Cell for durable fore deck construction
  • Entire launch constructed with the toughest conditions in consideration
  • Launches Assembled to ABYC Standards
  • Reserve buoyancy installed to keep a launch afloat even when filled with water
  • Hull Shape can support a great amount of weight 
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • Lots of storage
  • Custom Designed Coaching Console
  • Clear and Open deck to minimize tripping hazards, ease of rescue and swapping rowers in and out of boats 
  • Very low deck sheer makes rescue and entry a breeze
  • Bilge pump installed to keep hull internals dry
  • Open deck with camber allows water to easily be shed
  • Excellent Regatta Chase Launch: with minimal wake at high speeds, quick, fast, and tight maneuverability 
  • Sliding Console and Bench for Trim adjustments, and better weather protection
  • Electric Panel in the console
  • CRI can provide a trailer with bunks appropriate for the hull
  • CRI is also working on container shipping to make delivery across the country easier and cheaper
  • CRI will become a Honda Distributor

Please Email Tristan McKee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.